privacy policy:


This document is meant to show you what data is collected by this website and how it is used.


This website uses services that may set cookies. I use various products from Google, Amazon, and Cloudflare to run this site, and they may set cookies. These services are required to run the site, so if you don't want them setting cookies, use a browser extension like Privacy Badger.


This site uses analytics to determine how visitors interact with the site, so it can be optimized and improved. I use Umami as my analytics software. According to their FAQ page, the software is GDPR compliant. All the personally-identifiable information (IP address, user agent, etc.) is hashed, so that data cannot be used to track you personally. For more information on Umami, click here.

How to contact me

If you have any questions regarding this privacy policy, you can email me at: