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Lego Train in the Desert

This is a Lego model of a BNSF train engine. It is based on Lego set #10133. I built the train and train cars in LeoCAD, and then exported it from there into Blender 3.5. The landscape was made using a geometry nodes setup, and it instances in around 4 700 000 bricks. I made the Lego material myself (you can download it here). Most textures are from AmbientCG. The stickers are from Trainiax and a random Pinterest post that seems to be deleted now. The scene is lit by an HDRI from Poly Haven. Rendered at 4k with 2048 samples, and then composited in Blender. See below for uncomposited and clay renders, as well as the compositing and geometry node setups.


Alternate Versions:


Things to Improve:

I can't say I'm completely happy with the clouds. Part of that could be the lighting, or just the shading.

An image of the clouds used in the above render The clouds

Also, I would've liked to make the landscape larger for some more wide shots, but my computer definitely can't handle that.


Image Details:

  • Title: Lego Train in the Desert
  • Type: 3D Render
  • Date: 2023-06-16
  • Made Using: Blender, LeoCAD